Save Black Poplar and York Gardens, Stop the Winstanley Project

Save Black Poplar and York Gardens, Stop the Winstanley Project

3 March 2021
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Started by dmitri barsoukov

At the time of writing this (03/03/2021), two peaceful protesters are occupying the Black Poplar tree for the tenth day(!) to halt its felling and spread awareness about the community campaign.

Despite the UK government having declared a climate and ecological emergency, Wandsworth Council, working together in a joint venture with Taylor Wimpey, are planning a huge-scale redevelopment project that will have devastating effects and repercussions for the communities living in and surrounding Winstanley and York Road estates.

This redevelopment project plans to fell 124 mature trees, including the iconic Black Poplar, beloved by the community. As well as demolishing several existing buildings to increase the number of homes from 739 to 2550, there will be no increase in the number of social homes.

The project and its handling goes against the consensus reached through public consultation with the local community, who are adamantly against this destruction as it sets to decrease the green space available by five times.

The wider initiative is to ensure the York Gardens project is halted indefinitely until a thorough re-evaluation and sincere consultation with local residents is carried out.

Due to the magnitude of the impacts of this project, we are seeking to ensure that the development's re-evaluation is to be determined by an independent, citizen-led body.

Here's to change in a world that needs it.


The Occupiers

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Signatures: 860Next Goal: 1,000
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