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Tell Walmart to Stop Selling Live Fish

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(The video above is not my own, but is evidence enough. If I could attach multiple pictures and videos, I would.)

Millions of people shop at Walmart. Every day, every hour, every minute. It's a hypermarket, and almost every town--big and small--has one. You can buy furniture, food, clothing, books, shoes, laptop computers... and you can buy fish! Neglected, abused, unhealthy, and (often dead) fish. And that's ridiculous.

Online you can easily Google "walmart fish abuse" and a slew of images of neglected fish from Walmarts around the world show up. Filthy, foggy water. Dead fish bodies, being eaten by other remaining fish. Unkempt betta in tiny, unhealthy plastic containers, far too small to survive in. Fish stuck to the sides of filters, their innards literally sucked out of their bodies, the bodies then left to rot. None of this is any way for fish to live their lives, especially not while in captivity in a place like Walmart. In my honest opinion, as an animal lover and a lover of aquatic pets (I have owned 3 Betta fish and currently have two happy babies), seeing fish at Walmart is depressing and quite frankly disturbing. I don't even know why they sell them.

Out of all of the things you can buy at Walmart, I doubt people actually purchase fish very often. I bought one of my Bettas there, simply for the sake of saving it from Walmart and giving it a healthy, loving home. But I don't think people buy fish from Walmarts very often, to be honest. They'd be better off just selling pet supplies (like aquarium equipments and fish food) instead of the fish themselves. Bettas are probably in the worst conditions out of all the different types of fish they sell.

It is a huge misconception that Betta fish (siamese fighting fish) can happily live in a tiny container. (Can't even call something that size an aquarium, to be honest.) Their natural habitats are shallow but they're wide. And again, the tiny, dirty plastic containers (that I'm pretty sure are sealed shut, cutting off oxygen), and that's literally no way for any fish to live. (I cringe when I see half gallon fish bowls and "aquariums" at Walmart and other stores anyway, it's unhealthy and not suitable for any fish.)

I keep my Bettas in 5.5 gallons, with ornaments, live plants, water changes, a filter and proper feeding. And that's much, much better than a tiny plastic cup with an excessive amount of stress coat (water conditioner) to subdue and "calm" the fish. Can't imagine why they'd be stressed... maybe... their awful living conditions? Maybe.

Walmart has no business selling fish. It wouldn't hurt them as a company to remove live fish from their inventory. They're a multibillion dollar company and getting rid of fish I highly doubt would cause a problem.

The video above is just one example of the kind of abuse and neglect innocent fish are subjected to by Walmart stores. It's a disgusting, depressing waste.

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