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Ban Plastic Bags in Waltham, MA

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Boston has just recently taken the steps to ban one-use plastic bags in the city. Since Waltham has just given each household a recycling bin I believe the next step in fighting for our environment would be to ban plastic bags from our own city. Not only has Boston taken the action to ban plastic bags but other neighboring cities such as Watertown, Natick, and Newton have begun taking actions like Plastic Bag Reduction. Plastic bags are polluting the Charles River, our yards, streets, and parks and they are also not biodegradable.

"Plastic bags are the biggest contaminants in the Recycling Industry today and shoppers have become pretty dependent on them. It’s tough to break a long-standing habit, but plastic bags are a hazard. They cause serious jams with the sorting machines, they take many years to break down, they get ensnared in the trees and, worse yet, they often wind up in the ocean where sea mammals mistake them for food and eat them. This is often fatal for the sea mammal. Plastic bags have become a serious environmental problem that the whole country is struggling with" (Waltham City Website).

If Waltham was to make the decision to ban plastic bags we would be keeping our environment clean while also sending a message about the importance of environment protection.

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