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Vote down zoning that limits farming, raising chickens, and growing oysters

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York County has proposed zoning changes that will limit citizens freedoms to farm their land, raise chickens and grow oysters.

Marked up document showing proposed changes to current zoning code:

This is the memo proposing the changes:

In the first public hearing there were over 30 speakers, not one of which spoke in favor of these proposed Zoning changes. To reiterate, here are some of our concerns:

..Heritage: York County has a heritage of agriculture, animal husbandry, crabbing, fishing, shellfish, workboats, & watermen... we don't want to loose it...

..Environment: These changes will actually hurt the environment

..Food Self Sufficiency: Anyone should be able to grow their own food and food to sell, as long as it does not infringe on neighbors rights

..Cleaning the Bay: We need millions of oysters and clams to help clean the Bay and we should be trying to figure out how to get credit for our shellfish to reduce our County's expense imposed by the EPA for Bay clean-up

..Local Food is more Healthy: It is safer and healthier for us to eat locally grown food 

..Rural Landscape: We want to keep our rural landscape with all these activities that these new restrictions would prohibit

..Private Property Rights: The only just reason to restrict an activity on private property is if said activity actually infringes on a neighbor's rights. Mere opinion is not sufficient justification to restrict someone's inalienable rights

..Freedom & Liberty: This is excessive regulation and government intrusion that is contrary to the American fundamental way of life

..Free Enterprise, Capitalism & Jobs: Without excessive regulation we can create an environment where jobs will be created, and these small farmettes & marine related ventures can inspire real farms & creative ways to grow home grown products while meeting neighborhood friendly standards


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