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Veteran Needs His Therapy Animals

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I'm a totally disabled Marine Corps veteran in my 60's and live in New Britain, CT. I purchased my home in 1985, a year after being discharged from the Marine Corps. Since 1985, I have raised a variety of animals which include chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, alpacas and goats as support/therapy for my PTSD, depression anxiety and a variety of injuries in which I experience great pain which I received while in the Corps. I even have a letter from my VA Dr stating this. I have checked the city zoning and ordinances in my city and I am allowed to raise these types of animals, or I should say there is nothing written that I can't. I have had no problems in the 31 years raising them. I never had a enormous amount of animals except for the chickens. Currently I have 2 alpacas, 6 nigerian dwarf goats, 6 ducks, 6 sebastopol geese and 30 chickens which are bantams with a few standards and which are all hens, no roosters. All my neighbors love my mini farm I call "Semper Fi Farm". On September 21st I get a visit from my city health department inspector. He told me there was an anonymous call about animals on my property. I also have 5 rescued dogs that run around my property but never go outside the property line because of invisible fence. He never said what animals but started walking around just looking for something wrong. I told him I have been doing this since 1985 with no problems and had a letter from a Dr about the animals. Well he didn't care! He was very nasty and unprofessional. The next day I get a certified letter stating all kinds of violations! The violations do not exist because I have preventive measures in place, like for rats, fly's, stagnant water. In the letter the city states I must get rid of all the animals and take down the pens. I appealed the violations and will have a hearing at the state public health office. I have received letters from all of my neighbors in support and started a petition with over 100 signatures on it. A friend recommended I contact the Veterans Legal Center. I did and they denied me service because I do not have an income below 200% poverty level! They mostly help the homeless and drug addicts. I said you must be kidding, I only have VA disability to live on and my wife is only getting social security retirement, which is not a lot! They said I can be referred to an attorney which will cost me money I don't have. I want to fight the city on this but without an attorney; I may be fighting a losing battle. Most of my animals are rescued and are my pets. I feel they rescued me from my conditions and help me to live a good life even though I'm in pain every day from my disabilities, my pets get me through every day. I need them as much as they need me and I don' want to have to go on all the pills the VA likes to push on us veterans and surely do not want to be one of the 22 veterans a day that commit suicide! I just need help to hire an attorney to take my case and win! Please help!

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