Costco: Don't flush trees down the toilet

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Walter Craig Jellink, CEO
999 Lake Drive
Issaquah, WA 98027

Dear Mr. Jellink.
I have been a Costco member for many years. I am proud to belong to an organization that pays it’s workers a living wage and I am delighted that Costco has been selling more and more organic goods. These are wise and generous achievements.

However, I am devastated and ashamed to learn of your plan to cut down the Canadian arboreal forests in order to produce toilet paper. This would create a devastating effect on the environment, specifically the loss of habitat of many species as well as the precious oxygen the trees produce.

Now that the Amazon forests are burning, this is the last large forest reserve in the Western Hemisphere. Flushing these trees down the toilet is a nightmare idea. They are not easily replaceable. Trees of this size take many decades to grow. In the meantime the loss of oxygen puts the lives of untold numbers of animals and people are at stake. You and your family are not exempt from this disaster.

Why not support the planting of huge tracts of fast growing bamboo, sugar cane and hemp from which a steady, sustainable source of toilet paper can be made? You have the resources and the vision to accomplish this. Please step up to do the right thing and be the environmental hero you can be.

I thank you with respect and gratitude in the name of Mother Earth.