Waffle House, Drop the Charges Against Chikesia Clemons!

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On the morning of April 22, 2018, Chikesia Clemons, visited the Waffle House at 1204 Industrial Parkway in Saraland, Alabama with her friends. While attempting to dine at the restaurant, members of her party requested plastic utensils. The request offended the server who refused to serve them, led to a dispute and the group left the restaurant.  Ms. Clemons returned to the restaurant to obtain contact information for the Waffle House’s corporate headquarters, when she was violently arrested  by the Saraland Police Department. 
Several eyewitnesses have come forward to defend Ms. Clemons against Waffle House and the police department's actions. 

If Waffle House wants me to continue to patronize its establishment, I demand that:
1.     Waffle House request all criminal charges pending against Ms. Clemons be dropped;
2.    Waffle House issue a public apology to its customer, Ms. Clemons, for justifying the excessive use of force by the Saraland Police Department by declaring their response as appropriate.
3.    Waffle House denounce the way that Ms. Clemons’ was assaulted by the police, and how her human and civil rights were grossly violated.