To remove Rian Johnson from any future Star Wars projects

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Rian Johnson should not be allowed to ruin another movie in the greatest movie saga in history. He has ruined many beloved characters such as making Luke Skywalker a scared, frail hermit, who ran away when faced with a problem. That is not the Luke Skywalker we as fans knew from ROTJ, our Luke Skywalker stood infront of the 2 most powerful Sith Lords of all time and fought for his father’s redemption. Even said by Mark Hamil the actor who has been protreying Luke Skylwalker since 1977, he didnt see the character depicted as the real Luke Skywalker he called him “Jake Skywalker” implying he himself doesnt agree with the portrayal of his character he has known for over 40 years.

We do not need another movie that splits fans again, Rian Johnson is not the person we need directing another 3 movies, since he clearly enjoys mocking and chastising the fans for their dislike of plots that go against the direction of Star Wars movies of the past have. He is trying to make a shock movie that throws fans off with these moments that arent anything but a non Star Wars director making a movie with freedom but not considering there are die hard fans that dont want these things to be done to their beloved movies. 

Rian Johnson does not understand the love for Star Wars we as fans have and should not be on twitter calling out people and ridiculing them over not loving his terrible film.


Let us as a fan base get rid of this terrible director, horrible person and gerber looking man baby.