Release Lilo & Stitch The Series on DVD!

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"Lilo & Stitch The Series" is a beloved Disney Channel Series that ran from 2003 to 2006. Fans were devastated the show got cancelled after just 65 episodes. If Disney does not wish to continue the series in the form of reruns we demand that they at least release the show on DVD! Disney has not released Lilo & Stitch The Series on DVD in the United States yet despite the fact that Lilo & Stitch The Series has been available on DVD in Japan with Japanese dubbing for years now. We fans in the United States are deeply angered by the fact that Lilo & Stitch The Series is not available on DVD or Blu-Ray in the country in which it was first created! Some live action Disney Channel shows got released on DVD so why not Lilo & Stitch The Series?? Disney would make a lot of money on the sale of Lilo & Stitch The Series DVDs. Many children want to see the show and the older fans wish to show Lilo & Stitch The Series to their own children as they grow up because of the show’s wonderful writing with absolutely fantastic messages about family and friendship! Please sign this petition to show Disney how much demand for Lilo & Stitch The Series DVDs there is! If we show Disney how much the Lilo & Stitch The Series DVDs mean to us perhaps they will finally release the other Disney Channel animated series on DVD as well!