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Walt Disney Please Create a Bald and Beautiful Princess: Asking Disney to create bald versions of the existing princesses.

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I am a student at UNC-Chapel Hill and I volunteer in the children’s cancer clinic.  Every day I see the struggle these children must endure physically and mentally.  So many of these kids love Disney and wish for nothing more than to visit a park or see a Princess. I would love to see Disney take the comfort they provide a step farther and provide these kids with a role model that is like them.

Making a princess that girls with cancer can relate to would be extremely comforting during the stressful time of change and confusion that is often associated with cancer treatments. Some girls are too young to even understand why they look different, but that doesn't stop them from noticing that they don't have hair like everyone else. Other girls are old enough to understand, meaning that they also understand the harsh comments that can be made. Having a princess that is bald and still beautiful is both comforting and confidence boosting for these girls who are already struggling to fight such a tough battle. Not only would this benefit little girls, but also adult women, and even young boys, as baldness would become more socially acceptable.  It is important to recognize that even boys going through cancer treatments deal with confidence issues. If they see that a princess is considered beautiful without hair, then they recognize that it’s okay that they also don’t have hair.  Cancer is not the only disease that can lead to baldness.  There are others including alopecia, trichotillomania, endocrine problems, and nutritional deficiencies.  Anyone fighting any of these illnesses would identify with and benefit from a bald Disney Princess.  Let's make this happen for all of the young girls fighting and so many others, so that they can see just how beautiful they truly are. 


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