Make Disney Release JJ Abrams’s 3+ hour Cut of Rise of Skywalker

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JJ originally had a 3+ hour cut of the film however Disney took creative control over Star Wars and prevented JJ from telling the full story he had in mind. Please read the article linked below for full insider details on this cut of the film and how Disney blindsided JJ Abrams.

In a nutshell, JJ abrams had a much longer cut of the film and even recommended that it be split into two films at one point. While Disney has promised JJ more creative control over the story, they blindsided him and cut crucial scenes to please investors.

Some cut scenes included: more LGBTQ representation, force ghosts, more insight in Rey and Kylo’s emotional struggle including a stellar performance by Adam Driver, more nods to other franchise movies, expanded context on crucial scenes such as Han Solo’s visit to Kylo as well as Rey killing Kylo/ healing Rey, justified knights of Ren, Force sensitive Finn, and a much more satisfying and mind-blowing ending. Please read the article below for full details.

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