Get Disney+ in South Africa. Or in all countries it’s not available in.

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Being a major Disney fan myself I was very excited when I heard the whispers of Disney creating their own streaming platform when rumors first emerged about a year or just over a year ago. Imagine my disappointment when I saw and still see all over social media the “memes”, pictures and videos of people enjoying every bit of Disney+ and me not being able to download the streaming service, PAY for it and use it. Spoilers are being posted everywhere (Baby Yoda is the most trending fictional character at the moment) There is a huge market in South Africa and in many other countries where Disney+ is not set to be released in more than two years if at all, for Disney and I believe that there will be great benefit in releasing it to South Africa and many other countries, Netflix was a great success when it was first released in South Africa, there’s not a person I know that doesn’t have the streaming platform (of their own as well, not piggybacking off someone else). I’m concentrating more on South Africa because I’m from there, we just really want Disney+ to be made available for your loyal South African fans. Because believe it or not, there are thousands upon thousands of us here. Go have a look at box office sales for all the marvel movies in South Africa, I’m pretty sure it should give an idea of how many Disney fans there really are.