Encourage Disney to approve Wander Over Yonder Season 3

Encourage Disney to approve Wander Over Yonder Season 3

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Wander Over Yonder is a show created by Craig McCracken that ran on Disney XD from August 16 2013 – June 27 2016. McCracken and crew had planned for the show to have three seasons but Disney XD unfairly canceled it before its second season had even premiered.

The reason Disney XD gave for canceling the show was that “80 episodes were enough”. They also claimed that the show did better in reruns, but after airing the show’s finale they completely removed the reruns in America. The reruns still air in countries such as the UK and Latin America.

Craig had pitched his ideas for the show’s third season to Disney but they refused to approve it. He and the crew have been dropping small hints on their social media pages for the fans about what that third season was going to entail. The plot seems very promising, many unanswered questions would have been answered and the show would finally be given the chance to wrap up its story and let Craig finish telling it.

Wander Over Yonder has been nominated for few awards and won The Annie Awards for ‘Outstanding Achievement Character Animation in an Animated Television/Broadcast production’ and ‘Outstanding Achievement Character Design in an Animated TV/Broadcast production’ in 2015 and ‘Best Animated TV/Broadcast Production for Children” in 2016.

Due to the show’s optimistic happy-go-lucky style and it has helped a lot of fans suffering from anxiety, depression and other illnesses or just to brighten their day. The show teaches important life lessons for both young and old

The Wander Over Yonder fandom has grown a lot since the cancelation was announced on March 5th 2016 and the fans launched #SaveWOY. Disney pulled the show before even seeing how its second season fared, with most fans saying that it was marginally better than its first. So Disney should reconsider as the show had changed a lot since their decision was made.

The fans don’t want the show to go on forever, they are only asking Disney for one more season, for the fans to enjoy more of Wander’s adventures and to give the show and its crew some closure.

62,054 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!