Disney Should Donate the $1B Lion King Profits to African Wildlife Conservation

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On July 19, 2019, Walt Disney released a live action version of The Lion King, one of the corporation’s most popular and successful films. Just 11 days later, Disney announces that total profits from the film have grossed over $1 billion.

The African Wildlife Foundation finds itself in an expense deficit of about $2 million each year, when contributions and operating costs are taken into account. The Foundation brings in only about $26 million a year for its efforts. This one donation would account for 38.5 years — almost 4 decades — of individual contributions, government grants, gifts, and other grants the organization receives.

Taking into account expenses and donations, the contribution of the $1B profits (so far) from The Lion King would cover about 18.5 years of operation for the Foundation. That’s almost 20 years of expenseless animal-saving.

The Lion King features almost 2 hours of thriving animals and lush ecosystems, save for the time during Scar’s reign. Here, we see a habitat lacking vegetation, prey, and water. Luckily for the animated lions, Simba’s return brings back the bounty the pride lost. Unluckily for our real lions, their habitats resemble Scar’s more and more each day.

As the abundantly powerful, international mega corporation it is, The Walt Disney Company should do its part to pay back the animals it makes so much money off of. Missing a recently acquired $1B is nothing in comparison to the $130B net worth the corporation boasts, and it is a worthy price to pay to save Africa’s dwindling wildlife.

Viewers claim the new Lion King overwhelms them with nostalgia, and that is why they love the movie. What better wave of nostalgia to experience than the one you feel in a world where animals are reproducing and recovering from mass endangerment?

Disney, please step up and prove yourself to be the ethical, responsible company you claim to be, and set a precedent for all other mega corporations to follow. Please donate all earnings from The Lion King (2019) to the African Wildlife Foundation to ensure our wildlife a world for the future. Please.