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Disney, take the Star Wars IP from EA

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It's no news that the backlash from us gamers, Star Wars fans and Redditors, of Dice including microtransactions, buyable loot crates and 4300+ hours of gameplay required to unlock everything in the game in Electronic Arts' 'Star Wars Battlefront 2', is hitting EA hard. The game's developers have pulled microtransactions temporarily, cut the amount of in-game currency to unlock heroes whilst also cutting the amount of in-game currency awarded, expecting us to blindly jump in and buy the game, only to have microtransactions enabled in the near future and land us back at square one.

We are not stupid. Disney, we know you are not stupid either and we hope you are as insulted by EA's behaviour as we are.

Gamers have repeatedly put up with EA's money grabbing behaviour ever since they released the first 'The Sims' title on PC and realised the amount of money they can get for add-on content. Ever since, they have upped the price and reduced the content on every title, until we are where we are today, where EA has pushed yet another developer into a corner, forcing them to push another insulting money grabbing mechanic. We are aware businesses need to make money. We respect that, and we are happy to pay to support developers that make quality content, but we do not appreciate being milked and abused.

EA's developer organisations haven't had it easy. EA have been buying up independent developers for their talent and ideas, pushes them to the limit physically, mentally and financially, only to shut them down as soon as their latest title makes less money than they forecast. EA has shut down a long list of brilliant developers which has significantly harmed the gaming space, including Maxis, Victory Games, Mythic Entertainment, Bullfrog, Origin, Visceral Games and Westwood Studios to name a few.

We come together today to say that we have had enough. Disney, you are one of the few companies that are big enough to make EA kneel. We call on you to take the Star Wars IP from EA permanently to punish them for the abuse and exploitation of their developers and consumers, and dragging the Star Wars name through the name.

Please stand with us and do what is right for us, the developers, and yourselves. We will continue to keep hold of our money in any case, so please save your reputation from further damage and support gamers everywhere at the same time.



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