Complete The Clone Wars | There are still 40+ unfinished episodes.

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Sign this petition if you want all the (still) remaining 40+ episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars to be animated:

As many of you know, more than 52 The Clone Wars episodes remained unfinished after Disney bought Star Wars. George and Dave wanted to make two and a half - probably even three - more seasons. Originally Season 6 should have been a complete season. Then we would have gotten a full Season 7, and a full Season 8. Nine seasons were planned. The ninth season would have gotten something like thirteen episodes, most likely. But we only got twelve episodes for the seventh season instead of all. The Bad Batch arc, the Ahsoka arc (originally there would have been no Martez Sisters, but instead a boy called Nyx Okami who/which was better, in my opinion), and The Siege of Mandalore. All scripts of these remaining 40+ episodes are already written, and they only need to be visualized. There are episodes like:

“Son of Dathomir” shows how Maul escapes from Sidious' captivity, and lets us learn about Talzin's fate.

In “Dark Disciple” we would see how Quinlan Vos and Asajj Ventress team up, and how Ventress' days as a bounty hunter look like. In addition to that, we also would see some more iconic characters. 

“Yoda and The Bad Batch on Kashyyyk” explains why Yoda got good relations with the Wookiees, as mentioned in Revenge of the Sith.

“Crystal Crisis” on Utapau shows how Anakin and Obi-Wan travel to Utapau after a mysterious death of a Jedi. There they encounter a big cyber crystal. 

The “Bounty Hunters” arc shows bounty hunters like Boba Fett with his armor, Cad Bane, and other bounty hunters. It would show what happened to them toward the end of TCW.

'Mon Cala's political crisis' aka “Return to Mon Cala” shows us Padmé travelling to Mon Cala. There, she makes several attempts in order to make the Chancellor abdicate, as she, Bail and Mothma always try to.

'A Rex/R2D2 team up' (“Top Gun” with Clones) is a short side story starring Rex and R2 as a team. It, additionally, gives us to see a dispute between different fractions of clones. It has 80s vibes.

“Yuuzhan Vong” who are invaders from another galaxy who try to take over the Star Wars galaxy. They play a huge role in Legends aka EU (Expanded Universe) post Episode VI.

And the last arc we would have gotten is 'A Mystery under the Jedi Temple', known as “Return to the Jedi”. There we would have been shown how Ahsoka learns about a Sith shrine beneath the temple. She would briefly return to the order and warn them about the shrine. In this arc, one witnesses Ahsoka, Anakin, Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Sidious all in one arc. 

And these are not even all arcs. There was a Depa Billaba, Wookiees vs. Trandoshans arc, and even a few more.

Here is an article about it. It only forgot to mention the "Yuuzhan Vong" arc, and "The Return To Mon Cala". Perhaps, even more concepts exist that neither the article mentioned, nor I.

These arcs are very essential because there are a lot of characters who were introduced onscreen. Though, their story has never been told, or finished onscreen. Most of these characters were main characters in TCW, and therefore they are deserving to get an honorable completed story onscreen. Additionally, some arcs would have given us further deeper looks at the whole story of The Saga. Not only would we have gotten more of Anakin's fall and Palpatine's big plan, but TCW would have bridged more with the OT as well, by Boba Fett having his Mandalorian armor, for instance. And of course it is not merely about all that important stuff, but also those little side stories we used to get, made us appreciate TCW even more. There are honestly just good reasons to release them.

If we want to get those episodes, Disney has not only to notice us (which they probably did), but they also should see how big the interest and the demand is. In order to reach that, we have to share and teach more people about those episodes. So, the only thing you need to do in order to help is spreading these hashtags, especially #CompleteTheCloneWars, all over the internet. Do that for so long till Dave Filoni, Disney, Lucasfilm or anybody else realizes it. Dave Filoni may want to move on, and that is completely okay, but if a series is going to end, then it should end in its entirety. We are willing to move on if The Clone Wars is going to be complete. It got a fantastic ending, but no middle. You do not read a book either, by reading its beginning, skipping the main part, and reading its end. We accomplished success in the past, we can accomplish it again if we ask for it again. And motivate others to do that as well. Copy this little speech, or write it down (depends on which platform you are reading this right now), then copy it, and then spread it everywhere. If you see any other petition regarding “Complete The Clone Wars”, then please, sign it as well. It is not important which petition wins, it is only important that we we will be getting these episodes fully animated and finished in future, so they can give this series a completion for once and for all.

Do not let this description make you think we were ungrateful. If we were not grateful to have such a great series, this petition would not even exist.

Here is a message you can copy:

If you want the (still) remaining unfinished 40+ The Clone Wars episodes to be finished and released, then you can sign this petition to help: #CompleteTheCloneWars 

Together we can get everything we ask for. 

May the Force be with You!!!

P.S.: A petition may "won't change anything" as many of you think. But it can grab ATTENTION, and if they see how much people WANT these episodes and are WILLING TO PAY, then a HIGH CHANCE exists that we get those episodes.