Save the Disney Dolphins

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In April 2019, my family and I visited Walt Disney World, Florida.

On visiting the Epcot centre, we were horrified to see a solitary dolphin in a very small, barren tank. We had avoided SeaWorld and other such attractions, because we object to the keeping of sea mammals in captivity, so were very upset to have this forced upon us.

Dolphins are extremely social animals who should never be kept in captivity, let alone in isolation.

On returning home, I found out that there are 3 dolphins at Epcot who partake in expensive dolphin swims. I contacted Disney and a representative told me that the dolphins are kept mainly for research, education and not for profit.

I have since discovered that Disney Cruises  offer dolphin swim-with experiences, including a ‘dance, hug and kiss’ costing nearly $200 per person.

This is not research.

I have never considered Disney to be the type of organisation that would exploit animals for financial benefit. However, what is happening here seems exactly the same as in SeaWorld.

Virgin Holidays are still selling tickets to Disney Parks and for Disney Cruises, even after pledging (in July this year) to stop selling tickets to any attractions that hold captive sea mammals.

My aim is to end Disney’s captive sea mammal programs. Disney’s dolphins should be freed and rehabilitated.

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