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Walt Disney Company, ABC: Support Jenny McCarthy on the View


The mainstream media is attempting to suppress Jenny's right to free speech, under heavy influence from vaccine makers posing as nonprofit organizations.

Letter to
President, ABC News Ben Sherwood
Please support Jenny McCarthy's new position on the View.

Despite extreme pressure from pharmaceutical manufacturers, Jenny McCarthy has always chosen to speak candidly about a very controversial topic: childhood vaccines. Encouraging parents to exercise caution, consider each vaccine carefully, and do their own research is a responsible and productive message for all parents to hear. Receiving a vaccine is a medical procedure with known risks, and each child’s immune system is different. Why wouldn’t Americans want an honest debate about a very important topic?

Several media outlets and several nonprofit fronts for vaccine makers are calling for The View to remove Jenny McCarthy from their fall line-up—we respectfully ask that Jenny’s right to free speech, like all Americans, be honored and respected. (Every Child By Two, the primary nonprofit group behind last week’s media assault, is funded by Wyeth and Sanofi, two vaccine makers.)

The American media last week repeatedly provided false reassurances to parents that the controversy over the role the greatly-expanded childhood vaccine schedule has played in the autism epidemic now impacting 1 in 50 children has somehow been resolved.

According to many of these stories “the science has spoken” and somehow vaccines have been exonerated. This is a gross misrepresentation of the facts. We ask all American parents to consider:

- In 1983, American children were offered a maximum of 10 vaccines, today that number is 38. In that same time, the rate of Autism has gone from in in 10,000 to 1 in 50
- First world countries, like Denmark as just one example, give less than half as many vaccines to their children and have much lower rates of Autism.
Here's Denmark's schedule:
- In 1986, Congress indemnified vaccine makers from any liability from the damage vaccines may cause--the explosion in the number of vaccines given to children expanded after this law was passed
- The national vaccine injury compensation program has paid out over $2.7 billion in claims to children injured from vaccines—more than 3,300 cases where injury victims have been compensated
- Many of the cases where children received compensation included children with Autism, although the vaccine court has continually side-stepped this issue
- Of the 10 separate vaccines administered, only one vaccine—MMR—has ever been studied for its relationship to autism. Saying that all vaccines have been studied is simply a lie (please go to to see the facts for yourself)
- The majority of parents of children with Autism believe vaccines were the primary trigger
- Here’s a great article explaining how the CDC continually misrepresents studies to “prove” vaccines don’t cause autism, despite the studies they publish coming nowhere close to doing that
- If the US wanted to honestly study this controversy, they could assess the autism rate amongst America’s unvaccinated children (estimated at 3-4% of the US population), which they have never done. Anecdotal evidence supports much lower rates of autism from unvaccinated children.

Many of the groups the media pejoratively refers to as “anti-vaccine” are in fact supportive of vaccines, and simply argue for a safer vaccine schedule by either returning to the 1983 schedule or copying a country like Denmark. The pharmaceutical industry’s influence over vaccine administration and scheduling in the US is deeply troubling and very different from other countries. As one egregious example, the former head of the CDC is now the President of Merck’s vaccine division.

The View made a great, entertaining choice in choosing Jenny McCarthy as a co-host. Her willingness to be honest about a controversial topic should be celebrated and debated by all Americans, not suppressed!

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