Stop pending and further cuts to adult social care by Walsall Metropolitan Council

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On Wednesday 24th October, Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council, decided to scrap an alarm system that is a lifeline for many disabled adults, and elderly people across the borough. The alarm is designed to worn round the neck or wrist, and is pressed if the service user needs immediate assistance due to a fall, or similar situation. The contact centre then attempts to contact the service user, and if the service user doesn't respond, they call the listed emergency contact. This service costs the council approximately £1.3 million per year.

The service is currently used by 7000 people within the borough, both elderly and disabled. It is literally a lifeline for those who use it, not only enabling them to get emergency help, but also for their carers, who are able to take short breaks away from the home without worry of their loved one being left on the floor.

Despite spending £3 million pounds to upgrade their IT systems, it has been deemed that £1.3 million on a LIFE SAVING SYSTEM, is not 'viable'.

'The service is no longer fit for service without significant investment that the council does not have.' Councillor Rose Martin.


In addition, there have been further cuts to adult social care within the borough. 29th September 2017 saw the permanent closure of the Independent Living Centre. The ILC offered support in terms of mobility scooter rental, aids and adaptations, occupational therapy assessments, blue badge assessments, as well as sign posting to support for benefits advice, and health and social care support. 

Early 2018 saw the closure of the Welfare Rights Team. This service offered the vulnerable and disabled, the chance to receive expert advice and support with applications for benefits and grants to improve the quality of life for those who were in need. The Welfare Rights Team now only offers a skeletal service.


Overall, those requesting help and support from adult social services, are often being left months and months without access to services that are desparately needs, and essential for long term quality of life for the elderly and disabled. Services being cut, budgets being cut, teams being stripped to the bare minimum, are all causing extreme distress to users who need access to help and support in able to have any form of quality of life.


We, the undersigned, hereby request Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council stop cutting essential services that are needed for quality of life in vulnerable adults.