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So over the last few years slowly the walmart's across the country and here in Utah have opted to and decided to start closing at midnight and getting away from the thing they do best - one of many.... and that is Always being open and doing so 24/7

They state that it is either because of THEFT and they (the individual stores management) just doesn't want to deal with it., so they choose to close at midnight

and other reasons given and even posted on signs - announcing the change of hours are or have been..., Due to and something to the effect of Shopping habits that kind of thing.

Seriously though ever since and as long as I can remember Walmart (especially when the Super center's started coming in and were created) they always have been open 24/7 and that was something the consumers and everyone has been able to count on. Now it seems like it is slowly going away

and here comes the inconvience of the consumer.... Everyone does not work the same type of hours, people work all types of hours and people need to be able to always be able to come in and purchase goods - even if it's just a quick meal or snack on the way to or from a LATE shift , going to or from work in the middle of the night, or real early in the morning., if you or you have a sick child or family member...., to be able to come and get medicine or just to come to the store.

This also seems and would appear to in turn take jobs away or result in asking in one way or another to ask people to take pay cuts or get off because they are closed now from midnight to 6 am (at least) and what about all the people who work walmart while they are putting themselves through school or have other full time jobs? people can't just alter their life to fit within walmart's "needs"

Bring back WALMART - open 24/7 --- All super centers and walmart and neighborhood markets., and do not engage in taking in anyway jobs away from people WHO NEED IT!!!!