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Top 3 Retailers To Switch To Bioplastics

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It is not wishful thinking to imagine a post-petroleum world, where we leave oil in the ground and use plants for every day products. We need plastic, but we dont need non-renewable resources to make it. At the rate humans are going, there will someday be more plastic to cleanup than we can handle. That is why I think it is a great idea for the three largest retailers, according to the national retail federation, which are Walmart, Costco, and Kroger, to take a big step towards saving our planet, by switching their plastic bags to bioplastics. I believe they should use their money and power for the greater good of us all. And if you do too, I invite you to sign my petition.

To conclude, over one million sea creatures, birds, and animals die from plastic trash each year, according to national geographic. With their commitment, Walmart, Costco, and Kroger can save millions of lives each year. For those unable to live plastic-free, Avani Eco and EnviGreen Bags provide a viable, sustainable alternative that helps to minimize plastic pollution, improve the environment, and protect marine species. The bags biodegrade within months, and even faster in water. The world is facing a plastic bag epidemic, with 1 million plastic bags being used every minute. Despite bans, regulations, and even canvas alternatives, people still prefer plastic because of its simplicity and convenience. So if were going to use it, we should at least use safer versions. I ask you all to do your good deed for the day, and sign my petition to kill plastic before it kills us.

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