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WalMart Stores, Inc: Stop the sale of toxic pet treats or face Black Friday for Pets protestors at WalMart stores nationwide

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For five years we have campaigned for stores to stop selling the toxic treats from China. Politicians and policy leaders have protested on our behalf, media networks have covered the story hundreds of times, thousands have signed petitions and written letters.

But, in all that time, not one store in America has voluntarily stopped selling the death treats.

Now, we ask Walmart to join us in being a leader in pet product safety. We ask that WalMart, the global leader in retail, to be the first retailer to pull the toxic treats from their stores out of an abundance of caution.

We want WalMart to be the global leader in caring about customers first. We want WalMart to care as much for pets as they do for people and the planet. We want WalMart to demonstrate to other retailers what it means to be an ethical corporation.

We urge Walmart to make the right choice, the only choice that will save American families from poisoning their pet because of a treat they bought at a Walmart store.

Unless the toxic treats are removed from your stores consumers whose pets were poisoned will gather on Black Friday, November 23, 2012 at Walmart stores across the Nation.

Before the doors open at WalMart stores to the throngs of eager post-Thanksgiving holiday shoppers we will be there. Every person who has been touched by the tragedy of having a pet poisoned by the toxic treats will be there; in 3000 locations across the US, consumers will be there, demonstrating.

On Black Friday reporters will be there to film the eager shoppers and we will be there to answer their questions. Holding signs, talking to reporters, shoppers, telling them why we are there. We didn't come for the specials; we came because we love our pets. We will be there on Walmart's most important shopping day of the year.

We know WalMart to be capable of compassion. Walmart demonstrated their willingness to put people before profits during a very difficult time involving the tragic death of an infant last December and a product that WalMart carried. I want to think that Walmart cares for infants as much as we care for our babies - our fur babies.

The time is right for Walmart to do the right thing this holiday season. Because for many families, it will be a difficult time. In those families, an empty stocking will hang and an empty pet bed will remind them of the empty place in their heart and their home.

A home that once was filled with joy and laughter, now is mourning a much-loved member of the family that will be deeply missed. The member of the family greeted them with nose kisses, gave them unconditional love and asked for nothing in return. Their devotion and implicit trust and was rewarded with a treat that pet parents were assured was healthy and wholesome.

We know now that unless those treats are removed from sale, more American pets will continue to be poisoned.

We ask that Walmart show you care about the American families that rely on Walmart for their needs and their pets, that trust Walmart to provide them with safe, wholesome and affordable goods. We know consumers will have more trust and faith in a store that puts people and their pets before Walmart’s profits.


American consumers with pets

To find out more, please visit Black Friday for Pets.

For information about the campaign sponsors, visit Susan Thixton at Truth About Pet Food and Mollie Morrissette at Poisoned Pets for further information about the Black Friday for Pets Campaign.

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