Stop Walmart from torturing innocent pigs

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Imagine spending years crammed in a barren metal crate so small you can’t even turn around. Imagine having nothing to lie on but cold concrete, night after night, for your entire life. We don’t even treat prisoners this way, but Walmart continues to condone this type of cruel treatment of innocent pigs in its pork supply chain. 

Pork sold at Walmart comes from factory farms where mother pigs are locked inside gestation crates. In these tiny, narrow crates, mother pigs are denied everything that comes naturally to them. They will never see the sun, breathe fresh air, feel the grass beneath their feet, or do anything that makes life even remotely worth living.

Because pigs are so smart – perhaps even smarter than cats and dogs – when crammed in gestation crates they often go insane from the stress, abuse, and lack of stimulation. Some will bite the bars of their cage until their teeth shatter. Others lie depressed and motionless on the ground all day, their intelligent, social minds broken by the misery of confinement.

How do we know that Walmart’s pork suppliers treat pigs this way? Because we’ve seen it again, and again, and again, and again. Whisteblowers have captured this type of horrific cruelty year after year, at Walmart supplier after Walmart supplier.

It’s time for Walmart’s Board of Directors to take a stand and commit to no longer purchasing pork from factory farms that use gestation crates. 

Please stick up for mother pigs by signing the petition and urging Walmart’s Board of Directors to take action. The time is now for Walmart to take a stand against this barbaric, outdated practice.

Thank you.


Disclaimer: This information is all from Mercy For Animals, I took this from their petition and wanted more people to be aware of this situation. By no means am I trying to steal their ideas, I credit mercyforanimals 100%.