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Stop treating your customers poorly!

Sign this petition and put an end to the high-end corporations who don't care about their customers, just their money. Millions of complaints are being posted every day about Walmart and they just keep deleting them, as if they are perfect. Well, they're not. They need to start caring about those who made them who they are today and not about the billions of dollars they're flooded with. Sign this petition, stop shopping and support Walmart! Lets give the smaller, more caring, reliable small businesses a chance at providing us what Walmart couldn't. Lets show the Walmart Corporation what it's like on the other end of the table- not being wanted and not being cared about. Why should we spend our hard earned money on a business that doesn't care about us, our families or friends? We shouldn't. Put a stop to this madness, lets change the world! One step at a time, one Walmart at time.

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