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Stop the Selling of Betta Fish in Small Cups.

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Much like the abuse of other animals, it is wrong and should be put to a stop. The unfair and unequal treatment of these fish not only ruin the lives of the fish, but also the lives of the families who purchase these fish. Betta Fish have the ability to look beautiful and be energetic, but when bought from a small cup; it is only the opposite. These fish often experience depression and sickness because of the horrible living conditions. The water is contaminated with fish poop, the ammonia levels are very lethal, and the space is just too small. When brought home, they only last a few months because of the sickness they endure. These fish have the capability to survive for 6 years. 

There needs to be changes. The following should be changed: the container they are in, the container suggested for housing, and the treatment of the water. The containers are much too small. The small size allows the water temperature to be changedr drastically in a small amount of time. This causes stres for the fish. The water temperature they should be kept in should be from 77-86 degreses fahrinheit. Housing for this fish should be atlest 5 gallons, but 10 gallons is a better size. The water should be treated more often not only for ammonia, but the chlorides and other chemicals in the water.

These fish are able to be kept with other species of fish. These fish have been successfully housed in large community tanks with other fish that have similar tropical temperature and water quality requirements. Platies, corycats, and African dwarf frogs work best with this fish as well as neon/cardinal tetras and white cloud mountain minnows. Other fish species may be kept in the same tank as a betta, provided the fish does not have long fins that would cause the betta to mistake it for a threatening male betta, and provided the fish isn't significantly smaller than the betta.

The abuse of these beautiful creatures need to come to an end.

The following video is a miniature documentary of this animal abuse:

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