#saveliveslivebetter-Walmart Canada, please help keep your associates and customers safer!

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We, the associates of multiple Wal-Mart's in Canada, demand immediate action to better protect/support us, and our customers, against COVID-19 during our high risk work in our various positions.

Following the actions taken by Wal-Mart stores in the USA, the closure and/or reduced hours of various stores, schools, and workplaces within Canada, and the continued increase of people infected by this dangerous virus; we demand better protection and support within our stores for all.

Currently, Wal-Mart only offers financial aid to those who are, or may be infected with COVID-19. But what about those who need to take care of their children due to school and day care closures, or family members in need? While they have removed correctional action against those who choose to stay home and socially distance, others have no choice but to come into work to continue to pay their bills. Many of us are scared, and being forced to choose between coming in contact with hundreds of potential cases each day, or being unable to afford rent, food, and other essentials. Thus, we present an alternative solution to corporate.

Wal-Mart has done the right thing by asking associates who are unwell to stay home, and this is a great start. But what we really need is a change to our current model. Employees realize we are providing an essential service during this tough time, but the truth is that we are putting many customers in danger by having them within our stores. Hundreds of people come into a Wal-Mart daily, and this number has only increased due to the increase in sales and stock shortages. This is far beyond the recommended amount of people within one building, and puts both associates and customers at a higher risk of becoming ill with COVID-19.

What we suggest, to keep customers and associates safer, is to immediately implement a home delivery and pick up only service. Allow associates to continue restocking, but with little customer interaction. Orders could be placed via an online service or telephone, and completed by Wal-Mart associates throughout our regular store hours, while the front doors remain closed. An exception would be in place, for seniors or people with disabilities who require physical access and assistance with their shopping experience. We suggest a special reduced or free delivery fee/service for customers during this time.

How is this better for customers?

-You would be able to ensure that we have the products you are looking for ahead of time, without putting yourself at as high of a risk, and without wasting time going from store to store.

-For those who choose to order to their homes, you would be remaining even safer, by avoiding contact with a high capacity building of people.

-More access to those who would otherwise struggle to get items that are of low stock, such as elderly and disabled individuals.

How is this better for the company?

-Employees will feel safer, less scared, and are less likely to call in unless ill.

-We will continue to make sales, and provide a better and safer shopping environment for our customers.

-Customers will have lower wait times as we prepare their orders for them. Alerting them ahead of time if we do not have an item they are looking for.

-There would be less issues with customers who attempt to get around the 1 per customer limit, as associates who package/bag the orders would be in control of this. For online ordering, this would be even easier.

-Higher levels of support from corporate will help employees and their families feel more supported during this time.

Why is this better for employees?

-As we all know, Wal-Mart is unlikely to shut down completely due to the role it is playing within our communities. Therefore, an alternative approach is needed to protect ourselves. This structure helps ensure employees will continue to receive hours while feeling safer while being at the workplace.

So what are we really asking for here?

We deserve to be as safe as possible from COVID-19. The current model we are operating at within Canadian Wal-Mart stores does not provide adequate protection. Employees and customers should not have to choose to come into a store that may contain multiple unidentified cases of COVID-19, to continue to support themselves and their families. Let's work together with our communities to keep everyone safe, including our retail workers.

Tell Wal-Mart Canada that now is the time to #saveliveslivebetter by switching to a safer business model during a time where contact with groups of individuals is a high risk situation.

*We also want to suggest this idea to as many other retail stores that are remaining open as possible!

Thank you for your support during this challenging time!


A personal side note for Wal-Mart Canada: Please understand that we are suggesting this to make our workplaces safer, and to continue supporting the company. If more employees get sick, less of us are going to come in. We are worried about ourselves, our families, and the customers we serve. Please consider this alternative solution, or any other similar solution(s) that may have been presented already, to provide better support to all of the communities within Canada. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


A caring group of Canadian Wal-Mart associates and the people who support us.