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Review and remove all red flags in the system at Walmart

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I was wrongfully terminated and falsely accused of watching inappropriate material on my iPhone when I never did. I was a victim of invasion of my privacy and I was spyed on which these are against Wisconsin state law. Store manager Ben Faust of store number 1277 in Black River Falls Wisconsin investigated me without having any physical evidence and proof and he never letted me have a chance to tell my side of the story and what he’d do before I could even get a chance to tell him I didn’t watch anything on my phone he’d call me a liar. I also believe that I was discriminated cause overnights Maintance associate Malhon Hanson was investigated for watching inappropriate material on his phone and he admitted to doing it and showing all his coworkers what he was watching and he never got red flag , no coaching done to him, and he never got fired. My phone back in 2014-2015 was on mute (no sound) and I was leaning over my phone and I never showed any of my coworkers what I was doing on my phone. Jeffery Olson (TLE) said he seen Angie Reqoist looking over my shoulder without my permission and she practically leaned over me without me noticing her. Lucy Anderson (Lawn and Garden) told me that my firing was preplaned by ZMS Missy Smothers back in November 2014 before I was even wrongfully coached and investigated with the three lying witnesses. Store manager Shawn who replaced Ben Faust said he wouldn’t had red flag me and it isn’t an act of misconduct, store manager Joe of Walmart in Chippewa Falls Wisconsin said what I was red flag and fired for was not an act of misconduct and he’d be happy to rehire me back to Walmart if I was red flag.

My demands:

. Reinstatement of my job as a ten year associate and offer other wrongfully terminated associates their job as well

. Back pay with a severance package 

. An apology from Walmart 

. Walmart hires an associate advocate 

. My discount card given back to me

. My supervisor and assistant manager test back as active so I can apply for those positions 

. I get to choose what Walmart location I will work at. 

. Investigation will be done on Ben Faust for abuse of power and one will be done on the click group called the fabulous five for corruption of store 1277

. I will be an advocate for any Walmart associates to talk to about how Wrongfull termination affects anyone and how to overcome it

. My starting pay to be at $10.55 an hour 

. I will not be having to do pathways 

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