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Quality Pets Inc. supplies Green Spotted Puffer Fish to Walmart, who sell them to the general public as "throw away" pets. Puffers are wild caught and shipped from poverty stricken areas of Eastasia, and need to have live or frozen food,  Puffers are willfully and knowingly starved to death because Quality Pets Inc has instructed Walmart to feed them fish flakes.  

Puffers are higher evolved as hunters and are a BIG SELLER because they have "personality". Quality Pets wants them in Walmart so they can sell more fish and Walmart can sell more of Walmart's exclusive brand Aqua-Culture. Walmart is not equipped to care for them. The associates are untrained and often  accidentally kill puffs, by netting and suspending them in air when transferring them to bags. They don't know to warn buyers that puffers are semi-aggressive, and must have fully cycled brackish tanks,or that they need real food ,not flakes, to survive.

Puffers also excrete Tetrodotoxin the 2nd most lethal neurotoxin found in vertebrates. There is no antidote, and no WARNING label at Walmart.

Green Spotted Puffers are netted in the wild and there has been No Impact studies on the effects of over-fishing, and industrialization, on their populations, even though their habitat has shrunk by one third.

 Quality Pets has intentionally  misinformed Walmart about Puffers. Tell Walmart to TELL QUALITY PETS : NO MORE PUFFERS!

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