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Make the Statesboro Walmart stop selling fish!

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As a lover of all animals, I am starting this petition to hopefully put a stop to the cruelty that is happening at Walmart Stores all over the world. On any given day, you can walk into the Walmart in Statesboro, GA and find dead fish floating in their tanks. In addition to this, I have personally seen two male Betta fish in the same small bowl/container. Anyone who knows anything about fish would know that male Betta fish cannot be in a container together. They're called Siamese Fighting Fish for a reason.

Now I know this probably seems petty and small considering the horrific things that are going on in our world today. However, it truly is just bad business to sell something that you know nothing about, and don't have the proper staff to maintain.

Hey Walmart, JUST STOP. Stop selling/killing fish.

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