Walmart: Don’t sell GMO Frankenfish

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Frankenfish is the first genetically engineered animal for food that the FDA has approved for human consumption. And the first genetically engineered animal allowed to enter the food supply anywhere.

Its DNA has been altered to speed growth. It’s called “AquaAdvantage Salmon,” and it has the hormone gene from the Chinook salmon and from another fish called the ocean pout. By altering the salmon’s DNA with these two other fish’s DNA, it grows much faster than it is naturally capable of growing.

What’s worse is that the USDA’s new guidelines don’t require adequate mandatory labeling. So consumers won’t know whether the fish they are eating is genetically engineered or not.

Families deserve to know whether the fish they’re eating is genetically modified fish or wild salmon.

This could absolutely open the floodgates to other genetically modified foods. It also puts Alaska’s sustainable fisheries’ future in jeopardy.

We need Walmart to stand with us and commit to not selling genetically modified frankenfish. There are more than 5,000 Walmart stores in the US, and if they committed to not sell this fish, it would make it more likely that companies don’t invest in genetically modified foods in the future.

More than 80 grocery stores and retailers (including Costco, Safeway, Whole Foods, and Target) have promised that they will not sell this fish. Ask Walmart to add themselves to this list.