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Reinstate Carla Cheney for protecting animal rights.

Employees should not be punished or fired because they choose to do the right thing in an emergency situation. It is understandable that employers have certain protocols that their employees must follow, but must be more flexible when an emergency situation occurs. An employee must contact a store manager to report an incident so they can take the proper action, if you can find them in time. An animal left inside of a parked car has only minutes to survive. Would you have enough time to rescue an animal if you had to go through the steps to get the manager? Probably not. If a customer dropped to the floor having a heart attack would you call 911 or run to the store manager to get his permission? This is the kind of cooperate mentality that needs to be changed!
Please sign and share this petition to stop the wrongful termination of employees trying to do the right thing.

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