Confirmed victory

Stop selling rotten expired food – and making WIC children sick.

This petition made change with 36 supporters!

Wallys Marketplace: Has stopped selling rotten expired food after only 37 signatures, thanks to this petition, WE DECLARE VICTORY!!!

Wally - the owner - has announced that Wally's Marketplace is now free of all expired products!

Early on in this short petition drive - after only a dozen signatures - a San Diego News10 reporter received a tweet about the petition - went undercover with a hidden camera - then aired this story titled 'Dark Secret Exposed'.

With their dark secret exposed, Wally's Marketplace promised to change - and challenged shoppers to find any more expired item in the store - offering vouchers for the full price for any items shoppers can find.

We thank Wally for putting consumers first by responding to this serious issue.  After countless years, Imperial Beach shoppers can now shop with confidence at Wally's - or get paid for finding expired foods. 

We can all assist Wally's - and get paid - by giving the Marketplace a second look, and pointing out any expired items- at the register!

By the way - Wally's guarantee came without an expiration date!

Happy, healthy shopping - and good luck!




The community of Imperial Beach deserves better than a ghetto-slum grocery store that offers rotten, expired and molded foods.

With prices higher than competitors - we deserve quality food to match the prices paid. 

Shame on Wally's for feeding WIC families and Imperial Beach residents rotten and molded foods - an act that should be considered criminal - and must not be tolerated in our community!

One horrible review after another - on every online review site... with the only good reviews being about liquor... Wow! Really? Shame on Wally's!

Why so many complaints - but nothing has changed?

"Don't shop there", you say?  "Just like others don't!"
Because nothing has changed, and it appears that it won't...

Why not just change it - Wally - and stop the shoppers revolt!? 

Please sign and share the petition - with your help we can change Wally's for the better - better food for us and more business for Wally's - it's a win-win! 


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