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Wall Street Journal: Stop Promoting Rape Culture by Firing James Taranto


Supporting rape and rapists is not journalism!

The Wall Street Journal is giving a platform to a rape apologist. James Taranto is supporting men who are perpetrating sexual violence against intimate partners and intoxicated individuals

Rape is Rape is Rape.

While the President of the United States is calling for men and boys to realize that it is never okay to commit violence against women (or frankly, anyone) the Wall Street Journal is telling the nation that victims are to blame if they are drunk. This flies in the face of Dr. Lisak's research on sex offenders showing predatory use of alcohol to facilitate sexual violence.

Giving a platform for James Taranto to equate "male sexuality" with sexual predation is unacceptable. By giving him a platform the Wall Street Journal is reinforcing rape culture and victim blaming that works only to silence rape victims.

To the Wall Street Journal - FIRE TARANTO and stop contributing to a culture that condones RAPE! 

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It is not journalism to demean the experiences of rape victims. Your editor, James Taranto, is contributing to rape culture by demeaning victims of a violent and horrific crime. Our society is done being rape apologists and action is being taken at the highest level to start taking sexual violence seriously. Stop supporting rape and start supporting rape victims. Fire James Taranto and stop supporting opinions that are merely offensive.

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