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After equalling the Premier League goal scoring record, Jamie Vardy is certainly ‘worth a packet’.

But here at Paddy Power we aren’t just talking wages, we reckon the lad deserves more.

He needs to be immortalised, in a manner befitting of Leicester’s favourite adopted son… his own crisp flavour.

At 5.30 on Saturday 28th November 2015 he has the opportunity to overtake Ruud van Nistelrooy, as Leicester face Ruud’s old team Manchester Utd, the team with the tightest defence in the league.

So people of Leicester and footie fans everywhere, it’s time to get behind your boy; this champion of the underdog needs to have his sublime, sharp-shooting skills properly recognised.

Precedent has been set. Walkers, that other great Leicester brand, did it for Michael Owen and he only scored six in a row. And he definitely never played for Leicester.

Yes, Jamie has already been rewarded with a starting place in the England team but this feels scant remuneration for such an exceptional display of goal scoring prowess.

Before 2015, Jamie Vardy was an unknown journeyman who plied his trade in the lower leagues. He isn’t a saint… far from it. Yes, he abused a Japanese gentleman. Yes, he offered veiled threats of ‘Chat Sh*t. Get Banged” (who hasn’t?), and yes some have called him a spokesman for the WKD generation. But if you’ve scored 10 goals in 10 games, then you probably deserve a second chance.

So we need to create a flavour that reflects this spicy and colourful goal scorer. We propose… ‘VARDY’S WKD SALAMI’. Who wouldn’t want to eat that??

So we put it to the crisp manufacturers of Leicester, yes you Walkers, step up and back your man. In these dark days there is a new hero, an everyman, a shining light – yes he is not perfect but you have to concede that the boy sure scores those goals.

So come on – it’s the least he deserves, give the guy a bag of crisps!


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