Shut Roper Down during COViD 19

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Roper Needs to be shut down while we have this pandemic going on. ROPER Corp, Lafayette employs 2,000 and most work less than 6ft apart. 
The Lives of the Employees and their families are at risk of getting this virus and passing it to many others. While Roper has added Plastic Saran Wrap between some jobs it still isn’t safe ! Roper has enough Essential PPE to donate to our local hospitals and Nursing Homes that could really Help.

All Walker County, Ga day cares have been shut down along with schools and many other days cares in other surround counties  and states where employees all live. No one has child care and a lot of employees are High risk or has a loved one at home that’s High risk! If employees are out sick or to take care of their children they are left to face Financial burden as Roper HR is not helping out. 
All Unemployment must be handled by the worker
 They are faced with working and risking getting sick or not working with no pay Unless Roper will shut down and all Employees draw Unemployment. 

Please sign this petition and help out all Roper Corp, Lafayette employees. 
Human Lives matter More than Ranges !!!