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Wal-Mart treating their Coupon/ Price Matching customers like theives

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Many people in today's economic situation have turned to couponing and or price matching at Wal-Mart to try to save time and money. I personally have been couponing for a few years now, well before that extreme couponing show hit the air. I have really never had any issues in till after that show . Recently Wal-Mart employees here in my area have decided to start treating couponer/ price matchers as thieves and have become completely disrespectfully and nasty towards us. I know of one instance when a Customer Service manger had threaten to call the police on a couponer because she was simply trying to show the manger the corporate coupon policy, and to show the manger that what she was trying to do was correct, 3 hours later the manger still refused to follow Wal-Mart's corporate coupon policy and refused to sell her anything! I and this fellow person have called the 800 Wal-Mart customers service number to complain bout the way we are treated at the store. Their answer is this, well every manger has the right to implement their own policy. Really???? Why have a corporate policy then if they don't follow it? Does that mean their mangers also have the right to charge what ever they want on any item they want? Does this make sense to anyone else? We have been harassed. brought to tears and embarrassed over and over again by Wal-Mart employees and enough is enough. This big corporation thinks that our complaints are frivolous and could really care less about them. In fact on one of my many calls to the 800 number I asked for the actual phone number to the head quarters and they informed me they do not give it out to the public, I was so angry at this point (this was about the 6th call I had made to them) I said really, well good thing I have Internet and hung up and of course found the number on the Internet. Why is Wal-Mart 800 number trying to prevent us from calling Wal-Mart headquarters? It makes me really think Wal-Mart could care less about anyone but themselves, yet where would they be without us their consumers. I wonder if Wal-Mart relizes how much money they will lose when we all stop shopping their because of the way they treat us? I know I average $500 a week in coupons. (not counting what I do not buy with coupons) For every coupon I use Wal-Mart gets reimbursed face value of the coupon plus $.08. So lets say each of my coupons were for $1 off, Wal-Mart actually makes an extra $40 a week from me shopping there. I know of at least 15 other people who do the same thing so if you factor in this Wal-Mart actually makes an extra $600 a week above what ever their profit is on the products we buy. So really Wal-Mart what are you going to do when we start boycotting your stores? The mangers are rude and disrespectful and treat us like garbage, when we ask them to enforce their corporate coupon/price match policy, we get threaten to have the police called on us and in the end we are doing absolutely nothing wrong other then trying to shop according to their coupon policies. Should we have to leave the store in tears being humiliated, angry and embarrassed? I think not. Since Wal-Mart does not want to address this issues with the few of us that are complaining, maybe they will start listening to us when thousands of customers are complaining and making this issue well know. Please sign this petition, comment on your horrible experiences with coupons/price matching and do call corporate at (479)273-4000 and let your voice be heard! We deserve to be treated just as important as the next customer whether we are using coupons/price matching or not!  Oh and by the way I just recently found out a few of my local Wal-Mart employee's were threatened to be fired because they couponed and got some razors for free..................They were told to either return them or turn in there name tag! Really Wal-Mart shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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