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Stop Selling Fish On The Shelves

I recently entered a Wal-Mart Supercenter in Smyrna, Tennssee, looking for some aquarium pebbles for a craft project. As I entered the aquatic pet care aisle, I was surprised to see that there were stacks of containers, each containing a Betta Fish, sitting right there on the shelf.

Upon looking at the containers, I was appalled. There were approximately forty fish, stacked on each other, in small plastic containers. Not a single fish had clean water in its container and the water inside appeared to be stagnant and dirty. The sides of many containers had a layer of grime. The fish did not move, and did not respond when their containers were picked up or the sides of the containers were tapped. Many of the fish were not given enough water to comfortably move around in. One fish in particular had so little water that it was lying on its belly in the bottom of the container and the top of its body peeking out above the water.

I proceeded to speak with a manager about the condition of these fish and was appalled by the response I received. "Oh they're fine, no one really buys them anyways" I do not understand how a person could refer to an animal, even a fish, in the same way they would refer to a box of cereal.

I attempted to call Wal-Mart, and was told that I would need to submit feedback through their online form. I did this and still have not recieved a response.

I then took to the internet, and discovered that many other Wal-Mart Supercenters throughout the United States have been seen to carry betta fish in similar conditions.  Below are three youtube videos on the subject.
(This is a store in Okeechobee, FL)
(This is a store in an unknown location, showing five out of the 6 bettas on the shelf were dead and in unclean water)
(NOTE: These fish are actually kept in proper conditions, including clean filtered water and ample living space. THIS is what we want ALL stores to do!)

Please sign this petition if you feel that Wal-Mart stores, as a supermarket and not a pet store, should not be selling live animals of any type on their shelves.

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