Reduce Strays by offering Free Pet Neuters and Spays for citizens of Wakulla!

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Currently Wakulla County is seeing an extraordinary amount of stray dogs & cats as well as an astronomical number of kittens and puppies. 

Most of the animal wanderings are attributed to unaltered/intact/unspayed or unneutered dogs and cats roaming in search of love. The kittens and pups are a result of them finding that love. This has caused serious safety concerns for stray dogs as seen by citizen complaints & the faster spread of canine and feline diseases through the community. The stray problem affects all citizens alike - those whose pets don't wander are unable to even walk their leashed dog in fear of off leash strays attacking, citizens with no pets at all have been chased into their homes by stray dogs, urination and defecation on lawns and gardens, etc. The best way to fix this problem is to fix the Pets - reduce the desire for them to wander to find love;  reduce the population, reduce the risks!

Our citizens as a whole are good people and love their pets - but cannot afford the private market cost of fixing their pets. Even with vouchers there is a copay for the voucher and then hidden and side costs for procedures and office visits, etc. Wakulla County has a economic level low enough to qualify for Title I funding - which means parents are struggling just to feed their children. Our Pets are like our children and we want them safe and healthy.

We want the Wakulla BOCC to fund the cost of a Free Spay/Neuter clinic in our country & consider cost effectivity. One cat can produce 2-16 kittens per year those kittens end up in our shelter requiring food, personnel, housing, litter, vetting. The BOCC paying to preemptively fix the cat saves them from having to later take care of those 2-16 cats. Same goes for dogs.

This would be funded through the BoCC with Animal Service Center providing the oversight. This would also give ASC a chance to open a registry for pets for ease of relocating & reuniting lost/found pets with owners. 

 We are asking the BoCC to please take a stand and help us help the pets of Wakulla! Show Wakulla that the BoCC puts the community first through a program which will make a huge difference with immediate and long term results. Provide our citizens with monthly 'pet fixing' clinics! 

Thank you for your time.