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Allow my son to attend his High School Graduation with his class

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UPDATE: The Mustangs just finished their graduation ceremony. Congratulations Class of 2017!

We thank you all for your support. This week was a sad week but the community really made this turn around.

Other students left out have communicated with us and there will be a community event for them next week.

We would like to invite all students who were not allowed to attend their graduation ceremonies to come and be recognized for your hard work and to applaud you as you take your first steps into your adulthood. Please email to let us know you want to participate. We will give you and your loved ones the memories you deserve.


My son is a student at Middle Creek High School. He has ADD, Depression and Anxiety. Despite his learning hurdles, he has worked hard and is graduating from high school. He has always been respectful, caring, helpful and never once has been corrected or caused any issues at school. He is an incredible young man who cares for others and volunteers. 

His class ceremony is June 10, 2017. On May 14, 2017 he had a minor car accident and this added much more stress for him and he has been struggling with remembering things. I have been driving him to and from school since the accident.

He forgot he was given a paper about the graduation rehearsal (a few days after his car accident). Us as parents were not notified of this rehearsal until after the fact when we received a call from the school stating our son could not attend the ceremony due to missing the rehearsal. They stated he could pick up his diploma on the 12th of June. They also stated that parents were notified through their automated system. We did not receive any automated system information.

I have pleaded and begged for them to allow my son to walk with his class. He has looked forward to this moment for years. This is a once in a lifetime moment and it gets ripped away?

My son was at school taking an exam the day of the rehearsal and with his ADD he did not hear the announcement of early dismissal, nor did the teacher who was giving the exam tell him of this early release to be able to go to rehearsal.

The Principal wouldn't call me back himself. He had a staff member call me to tell me he finally responded to my emails.  When I asked her questions, she said I would have to ask the Principal these questions. Kind of hard to do when the Principal won't call himself.

I was advised from a Superintendent's office that this is a school based decision, yet the Principal continues to state that this is a school system policy.

Had they ensured we had the proper communications and not relied on some automated system, I would have been able to ensure my son arrived at the rehearsal. Now my son is being punished and kept away from his graduation ceremony all because this school uses an unreasonable method of communication.

Their website states: "The goal of our Vision 2020 Strategic Plan is that at least 95 percent of seniors are graduating each year by 2020. But the diploma we hand them must represent more than coursework completed. It must also symbolize graduates' confidence to walk across that stage into a world for which they are well prepared."

So why are they going back on this? 

How can they claim a policy when the policy is not available for the public to see? How can they enforce a policy when there is no proper communications about said policy? How can they justify blaming each other? (Principal blames school policy, school system states it is a "school based decision". Like a ping ball ball game back and forth.

Please sign this petition and let the school system know that my son deserves to walk across that stage, have his name recognized, have his diploma handed to him with a handshake and acknowledged like every other student there. Tell them that an automated system is not proper communication methods for critical communications such as this.

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