Return Athletic Workouts to Wake County Public High Schools

Return Athletic Workouts to Wake County Public High Schools

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Families of Wake County Student Athletes started this petition to Wake County Athletic Director & School Board

TO ALL WAKE COUNTY ATHLETIC FAMILIES:  Below is a letter that will be sent to the nine WCPSS District School Board members and Athletic Director, Mr. Deran Coe. If you agree that Wake County should allow a return to athletic workouts, please sign this petition.  Your student may sign also.   

Please share with other Wake County families.   We are planning to present this at the Wake County board meeting on September 15th. Please sign by MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 14TH. 

Dear Mr. Coe, Mr. Sutton, Ms. Cash. Ms. Scott, Ms. Johnson-Hostler, Dr. Martin, Mrs. Kushner, Mr. Heagarty, Ms. Mahaffey, and Mr. Fletcher,

Please allow the return of Wake County on-campus athletic activity for high school student-athletes. While we understand that games will not happen this fall, we encourage the Wake County School board to consider a return to athletic workouts under NCHSAA guidance.          

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools have announced a phased return to athletic workouts for student-athletes at CMS high school facilities beginning as early as Sept. 14, 2020.  We would like to request the same approach and schedule for Wake County. 

This decision should be made with the input and influence of the parents and students who will be directly affected.   We ask that the parents be a part of this process as taxpayers, voters, citizens and the people whom our school officials should be accountable to. 

Below are the reasons we are requesting a return to high school athletics: 


  • Reduce Financial Inequalities - Lack of school provided activities have families directly paying for athletics.  Not all families can afford these additional expenses, causing inequalities in sports competition or additional financial hardships. 
  • Prevent Scholarship Loss - The lack of games for skill demonstration puts essential scholarships at risk for some families. 
  • Provide Domestic Support - When students are quarantined away from others, domestic issues may go unnoticed.  Once athletes return to a group environment, a system of coach interest and team support may help discern & prevent issues. 
  • Protect Mental Health -  Quarantine isolations have caused increased anxiety & depression across society.   Athletics would provide an opportunity for high school students to reduce these concerns. 


  • Reduce Virus Spread -  Since many athletes must now train with outside groups, athletes are exposed to multiple contagion factors (various teams, venues, coaches etc.) which are actually increasing risks to the community.  School led practices will ensure all mandates are followed.  Any outbreaks would be contained to the same group of students. 
  • Reduce "Detraining" Injuries - Continued lack of regular training and exercise may lead to increased injuries once athletics do resume.  There must be enough training time before any competition begins to prevent these injuries. The irony is that the precautions taken to keep everyone "safe" are actually leading some kids to become unhealthy.
  • Risk Balance - The risk of a high school student dying from Covid-19 is <1%.  This is much less than other risks encountered by teens.  If all of life's Risk factors were required to be eliminated from high school activities, could athletics ever be brought back? 
  • Precedence Demonstrated - Many other states and counties have already allowed high school sports to resume.  There have been no major outbreaks thus far.   An additional issue is that Wake County is now losing key athletes to these states. 

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of our community's well being - both psychological and physical.  We look forward to hearing of a Wake County Return of Athletic workouts decision in the near future. 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!