Harshest sentence for the Te Atatu Killer

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We the people of New Zealand is appalled by the recent brutal killing of the 69-yrs old lady Cun Xiu Tian (who was also a close friend of my family) at her Te Atatu residence. We are utterly shocked by the extend of brutality committed against this poor old lady, and that is NOT something we shall tolerate in our peaceful community. WE DO NOT DESERVE TO LIVE IN FEAR!!!

Following the arrest of the killer on the night of 20th January, 2016, we're here to petition the Minister of Justice of New Zealand, the District Court, High Court and Supreme Court, as well as the Parliament of New Zealand, on seeking hash sentences for the killer. 19 years old is old enough to be considered a grown up adult who shall have the full understanding of the right and wrong, and who shall be responsible for his own behaviours. Death Penalty would be a preferred means, however we acknowledge the fact that it is politically unrealistic to achieve. But we believe whoever responsible for this dreadful crime against the humanity deserves a genuine "Life-Imprisonment" at least-not some twenty or thirty years in prison, but FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE!!!

The sentences for murder charges in New Zealand are currently too soft, "life-imprisonment" usually mean a nice 10-30 years in jail, and that often leave the hidden threat to our community. Citing the example of Tony Robertson, the man who murdered and raped Blessie Gotingco was also a child sex offender who had just been released under the strictest possible conditions - including 10 years of GPS surveillance - when he killed Ms Gotingco. ( We don't want the history to go down the same path again, therefore the killer of Madam Tian MUST spend the REST OF HIS LIFE behind the bar at least, with INDEFINITE-NON-PAROLE PERIOD (LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE)!

I know this is going to be a long battle, but please help sign this petition to show your support to the victim's family as well as to the peace and stability of our community! 


Citizen Self-Defence Alliance

21st January, 2016

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