The fight for the return of abused and mistreated dog in the hands of animal. control

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When someone makes a complaint to animal control, (for example- for a dog being at the entrance of the driveway and barking agressivly at someone whos approaching)
I understand that most people would find this unacceptable, but does anybody realise that that phonecall means that that dog will get ripped from its home, and put on deth row unless the owners comply with council and alow them to euthanize your family member, the only other option is your dog being isolated in a constant highly stressful environment, without ANY form of contact with its family, will suffer extreme psychological trama, physical abuse, for anywhere between 6 months to well over a year, and it doesnt even matter if the owner has taken responceability for the dogs unwanted behavior and seeks help by enrolling the dog into a training facility that will adress the dogs behavior and the underline issues along with coaching sessions for the owners while the dog is there because it will be to late. If only the person who makes that phone call that potentially ends a life and tears a familys heart out tried to talk to the owners Instead, i dont no why people would choose a phonecall to a stranger over a conversation with a nabour, my family has had over 4 months of hell that I cant even begin to describe experiencing this 1st hand, reason my dog is so fearful of strangers approaching is due to animal control staff unnecessary inflicting pain on him for no logical reason rupturing the bloodvessles in both his eyes, swelling to his face and neck, cuts to his cheek, a chipped tooth, and his back nails warn right down from him struggling for air. (and then water blasting him to remove the blood in attempts to minimize his injurys) and a vet was never called, only upon council getting caught out lieing and the ombudsman getting involved the council suddenly drop all charges and it was finally over, we got our boy back 3 weeks ago, and he was so overwhelmed to see his family again and be back home, our family was back together. he was badly sunburnt and had lost alot of waight and had to have surgery on friday to remove a suspicious lump and surrounding tissue from his chest, and some of his spirit was gone, we got his spot secured for him to start on the 31st August to start his journey on a positive fear free future at 'good dog training ltd' a facility in aukland get him the help that he needs to work through what hes been through....

and today he was taken by the pound for barking at someone.

I think this letter my daughter wrote sums up the pain a phonecall can cause,

Theres realy no words that can explain how distroyed my family is right now,
This isnt aimed at me pointing the finger at anyone. And I admit my falt and that as a dog owner my dogs behavior is my responceability.