Revise Animal Exploitative Programming, Including Sales to Auction and Slaughter, Via Public-Funded Resources

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The Wagner Farm / Glenview Clovers 4-H programming continues at the PUBLIC FUNDED WAGNER FARM in Glenview, IL that is resulting in animal sales to slaughter.

**When Wagner Farm Rescue Fund asked senior management personnel at the public funded Wagner Farm, Glenview, IL, how the pigs (and lambs) that they use for their 4-H projects are killed after they are sold for slaughter (at the end of July, often in weather with high temperatures), we were told:
'I'm not the guy who does can go and drive around and check all those places and see how they do it.'**

Wagner Farm, in suburban Chicago, hosts numerous animal exploitative public events, along with animal agriculture related exploitative programming targeted to school and camp groups from numerous parts of the metro Chicago area.


While Wagner Farm and their 4-H club can apparently make outside of auction arrangements to sell animals to others - as acknowledged by senior management personnel - Wagner Farm is simultaneously continuing to reject collaborative efforts with the non-profit Wagner Farm Rescue Fund to send animals to sanctuary.”

Please encourage Wagner Farm / Glenview Park District in compassionate animal care and outcomes, such as:

1) Revision of their programming outcomes to reflect ongoing progressive global interest in animal welfare advocacy.

2) Modification of their programming to reflect only humane and compassionate outcomes, such as sanctuary placements, for all animals associated with the public Wagner Farm in any capacity.

3) Working collaboratively with the nonprofit Wagner Farm Rescue Fund for humane and compassionate outcomes.



There are numerous other ongoing issues of animal welfare at Wagner Farm, in addition to other issues involving "private" owned animals kept at this taxpayer funded facility, including situations resulting in 4-H lambs and pigs reported as ill, injured and/or dead while at Wagner Farm.

For more background info about the animal exploitation and sales to slaughter programming at Wagner Farm, please read the following situations:

"I was horrified to learn that the Glenview Park District has decided to sell the Glenview 4H project animals at an auction for slaughter rather than accept offers to find sanctuary placements for them."

- a parent who contacted Wagner Farm / Glenview Park District in the summer of 2015 stating that she and her husband, who she noted were neither vegan or animal rights activists, withheld their child from camp on a particular day and instead opted to pay additionally for alternative child care for that day rather than send their child on a camp group excursion to Wagner Farm.

Wagner Farm stated in response that "WFRF and Wagner Farm have vastly different goals".

WFRF (Wagner Farm Rescue Fund) goals are ones comprised of compassion, respect for the immediate and ongoing lives of animals as individual sentient beings, and the desire for collaborative efforts toward such outcomes between a nonprofit  animal advocacy organization and a public funded facility.

What then are Wagner Farm goals comprised of, as they stated are "vastly different"?

To many, this is more than about either veganism or animal rights advocacy. It is about the facilitating of private interests via public resources. It is about the use of the resources of a public funded facility, including taxpayer salaried personnel, to facilitate programming resulting in the killing of animals even if the killing is done off-site at the hands of others. 

Compassion is in each of us, which is one of the many reasons that much of the general public holds the viewpoint that public funded facilities in particular need to educate children in compassion, which does not include sending animals to auction and slaughter, and should not be stating themselves to the public as against animal "abuse" while conducting programming which leads to animals being killed.

Please encourage Wagner Farm / Glenview Park District to revise their programming to reflect the kind of compassion requested and expected of a public-funded facility.


**Update: April 18, 2017**

Wagner Farm and their Glenview Clovers 4-H have brought in to date 14 pigs and 18 lambs who Wagner Farm management confirmed are already scheduled, like their predecessors, to be sold at auction for slaughter at the end of the program season (July). 

Even though the pigs have only been at Wagner Farm for less than three weeks, one is already in quarantine due to a reported "abrasion". In past project seasons, other pigs (and lambs) have been reported as sick, injured, or dead while at Wagner Farm - before even being sold to slaughter. This included pigs who were also quarantined due to reported injuries - and then reported as sold to slaughter.


**Update: August 3, 2016**

Wagner Farm senior management personnel has confirmed another sale to auction and slaughter outcome for the lambs and pigs from their 2016 project season. Nine of the pigs from this year's project season remained at Wagner Farm during the county fair period as they were reported as not having made minimum weight. They are still at Wagner Farm as of this date, having been noted as pre-sold pending their being fattened up at Wagner Farm to reach "market" weight for sale to slaughter by their purchaser(s).

Why was the non-profit Wagner Farm Rescue Fund NOT contacted and offered an opportunity to buy even just nine particular pigs from the Glenview Clovers 4-H club of the public funded Wagner Farm who weren't meeting weight requirements and weren't even being brought to the Lake County (IL) Fair - ESPECIALLY since Wagner Farm Rescue Fund has offered ABOVE market value payment - which has been continuously rejected - for their Glenview Clovers 4-H lambs and pigs in order for these animals to be sent to sanctuary rather than slaughter?


**Update: August 3, 2015**

A Wagner Farm staff member confirmed today that the Wagner Farm / Glenview Clovers 4H animals (at least the lambs and pigs) were sold at auction (Sat. Aug. 1).

As Wagner Farm's sale to auction and slaughter of these 4H animals continues, so must this petition.

For more details:


**Update: July 16, 2015**

A second Wagner Farm / Glenview Clovers 4H pig has just been reported to have died at Wagner Farm. This pig was reported by staff to have died this past weekend from a heart attack.

This is in addition to the pig already reported to have been found dead in his enclosure by staff at Wagner Farm on June 28 from inconclusive cause.

Another pig was reported at the same time to have been found injured and is still being held in a separate enclosed area after reported surgery.

Two lambs at Wagner Farm as part of this season's project had also been reported by staff as having been put in the barn for a few days for recuperation after having suffered leg injuries.


More info at:

If like their predecessors, these Wagner Farm / Glenview Clovers 4H pigs and lambs will be sold just weeks from now at auction for slaughter:

14 lambs and 13 pigs (instead of the original 15 pigs brought in for this year's project) - which reflects the deaths already of two pigs - one already reported as having been found dead at Wagner Farm in his enclosure on the morning of June 28 and a second one reported as having died at Wagner Farm on the weekend of July 11 from a heart attack.

Wagner Farm is a taxpayer purchased and funded living history museum-dairy farm in suburban Chicago managed by the Glenview (IL) Park District. Wagner Farm programming includes tours, workshops, community outreach, and special events geared toward children and families, including schools.

Wagner Farm is often used in various ways as a national model for other such farm related public facilities and programming.

A major component of Wagner Farm focus programming is their Glenview Clovers 4H club.

Despite numerous attempts at outreach for collaborative efforts with Wagner Farm in regard to the outcomes of the animals involved in this 4H programming, the nonprofit animal advocacy organization Wagner Farm Rescue Fund has been repeatedly rejected in these outreach attempts.

These rejected attempts have included offers of above-market value payment for these animals in collaborative efforts for these animals to be released to sanctuary outcomes rather than being sold at auction and resulting slaughter.

Wagner Farm has been continuing, via their programming and the "private" owners of their 4H animals, to sell dozens of program animals such as lambs and pigs to yearly sale at the Lake County (IL) Fair even though an IL state 4H representative has acknowledged that sale to slaughter is not even an IL state 4H requirement.

The municipal government of Glenview, IL and the Glenview Park District have yet to effectively address to the benefit of the animals this ongoing situation and sale to auction and slaughter outcomes.

While these Glenview Clovers 4H animals are reported as "private" owned, the program's base of operations is a taxpayer purchased and funded facility and involves various aspects of program involvement by that of taxpayer salaried personnel.