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Remove Doug Currie from Cabinet

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We, the undersigned citizens of Prince Edward Island, petition the Liberal Party Leader Wade MacLauchlan to remove Doug Currie from cabinet. 

As health minister he is not providing proper care for the citizens of PEI or making informed and just decisions about what the population wants/needs in their health care system. He is especially inattentive to women’s needs – specifically reproductive health. 

We demand the immediate resignation of Health Minister Doug Currie.  

From Courtney Cudmore

"On Sunday May 17th Matthew and I found out we were expecting a baby. Wonderful news for many people. Maybe year or 2 down the road it would have been wonderful news for us. At that moment I felt shocked sadness trapped and absolutely horrified. In our current situation there was no way I could bring another child into the equation. ... What was I going to do? How was I going to feed it? Clothe it? Find room for it? I was most definitely going to have to stop working.. How was I going to afford 2 children in daycare??
Many of you read that and thought.. What a selfish bitch!! Didn't you? I know you did, Because I read your comments about me. Oh yeah that story people are sharing about the woman who didn't receive ANY treatment at the QEH ... Yes me!

Oh but I'm just a liar.... Don't know how to keep my legs shut... Obviously have no idea what a condom is.... I look at these words and laugh now. Laugh at how absolutely IGNORANT they are. Will a name and face make you see... No I wasn't some skank at a bar having a one night stand. I'm a 31 year old woman with a fiance and 2 children. There are 2 sides to every story... You don't want to listen that's fine.

Tuesday May 19, 4:30 PM I made a choice to go to a walk in clinic and and get medication that would induce a miscarriage. The doctor told me if the following happened I should seek medical help.
1. If I am soaking through a pad every hour.
2. If I'm hardly bleeding at all.

Wednesday May 20th at 3:00 pm I took my first dose of pills. As directed 5 hours later I took my second dose. For a couple hours I bled and had minor cramping. I went to bed woke up Thursday to no blood no cramps. It weighed heavy on my mind. I finally decided to call 811 they told me to immediately go to the QEH and they would fax my info over.

I get into the hospital around 3pm Thursday.. 24 hours after taking my first dose. The nurse in triage didn't really know what to ask me.. but she did ask me to give a urine sample and if I felt like i was worsening to let her know. As I waited I started getting cramps again and started to lightly bleed. The nurse was notified chucked some maxi pads at matthew and said when I get time I will look at her again. Well that never happened... I was discouraged and just decided to sit... There was people in and out they were busy... I thought fine i wont make a deal about it. Finally 7:00 pm.. I get called in... The nurse gives me a johnnyshirt to put on, Obviously Im getting examined. 45 minutes later Dr. Lantz comes in. With my chart ... Looks at my chart then looks at me and says... What would you like me to do.. Ohh I don't know check me out?! I told him why I came in. "Well I will go talk to the gynecologist and see what they say" 10 minutes later... "Well we are not comfortable dealing with this situation" What really... not comfortable... What the hell is going on inside of me... I'm thinking this in my head.... and staring at him. I ask ok what did my urine sample tell you?? Are my levels dropping?? "I don't know.. all I can tell you is you are still pregnant" ok so in that breath right there his job was to do a full examination on me. If I didn't pass everything which I'm sure I didn't .. Tha'ts going to cause bigger issues for me. But he did let me know I could go to a clinic in Halifax, They would have no issue helping me. After totally getting he wasn't going to help or find me help I asked him to leave so I could put my clothes back on. But I did thank him for wasting my time.

Does THAT sound like i was actually seen by a doctor?? If I had gone in with a natural miscarriage they would have helped me, But since it was induced I was garbage and a bother. Shame on me for being concerned for my well being and MY BODY. But Mr. Doug Currie has basically called me a liar by saying the hospital followed protocol. Does that sound like protocol?? If it is my god I never want to see them fuck something up.

So as it is you can sit back and judge me and call me whatever hateful name you want. This is something I never thought I would do so until you are put in a position like this you have no right to call down ANYONE who decides what is right for THEIR BODY their life and in my case my family. I made a clear headed decision what i needed to do. Since making this choice I have had an amazing support group. People from all walks of life.. People who have formed an amazing network of contacts and just people to talk to.

I have gone to the media as most of you already know and I will be contacting a lawyer to take legal action against the hospital. I urge ALL women who have come across difficulty in support/access to proper health care regarding abortions to take a stand now!! Don't be silent anymore.. We have a right we have a choice. All we see and hear are people slamming abortion if we stand now just maybe we might get the access and rights we deserve. This is legal and as women living on PEI we have a right to choose what we do with our bodies. ‪#‎statusquonomore‬"

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