Mental Health Awareness in Waccamaw

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Waccamaw High School proceeds to put most of its funds into sports and school expansions, which is necessary but compared to the mental health crises with students attending Waccamaw we need to include more awareness with these funds. Recently two sophomores attempted suicide. Many other students have also attempted and succeeded. These incidents continue to happen and seem to slip everyone's mind after a few weeks. We cannot stand to let the mental health of students slip our minds. Mental health comes first, not homework, not studying, not a class. This is meant to get word to the Waccamaw Administration and students to come together to focus on how to help students who are struggling mentally. This calls for things such as more psychiatrists/therapists available within the school, access to these counselors during any time of the day, assemblies made to raise awareness about mental health, support groups, allowing students to take days off due to mental health, etc. This is the most important thing to be aware of. If Waccamaw wants students to focus on sports and education so much, then maybe they should make sure that the students have the courage to get out of bed to do these things. Make sure that they are not being over-worked. Overall, just make sure they are okay.