WAStopLaw: Write legislation and get it introduced in #waleg to allow people on bikes to treat stop signs as yield signs

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In 1982, Idaho introduced the "Idaho Stop law" which does exactly that: permit cyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs, requiring them to yield to traffic with the right of way, but otherwise allowing them to roll through stop signs if they have the right of way.

Subsequent studies have found the “Idaho Stop” law increased cycling rates and safety, while increasing safety for all roadway users and reducing the risk of injury (including repetitive strain injuries).

It has been decades since Idaho did this and over that time there is data to show the benefits (or at least the lack of downsides).  It's time for the rest of the country to get on board with this and why not start with WA?

Why is this petition targeting WABikes (http://www.wabikes.org/)?  This amazing organization is the main bicycling lobbying group in Washington state.  Almost every piece of bicycling legislation passed by the legislature has either started with WABikes or has been strongly advocated for by WABikes.

WABikes: It is time.  Get us a law that removes one of the significant drawbacks of riding a bicycle in our state.

This article has a great discussion on it from the BC POV: http://www.vancourier.com/sports/cycling/different-rules-of-the-road-apply-to-bikes-bruntlett-1.1997046


Note: image blatantly stolen from http://datadirt.wordpress.com.  I hope they won't mind.

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