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Hello everyone as we know that Karnataka having only one Univesity which students who want to do engineering should learn under that university  i.e, VISHESHWARAYYA TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY . In that university we all know that there lot of problems. Mainly we are facing injustice with the autonomous colleges because to complete one year engineering non autonomous college students taking only one chance to clear the papers per semester but in that case while autonomous college students taking 3 chances per semester to clear the papers but problem that in this compitetion era we can't afford such things because because even automous college students taking degree certificate from VTU university and non autonomous college students taking degree certificate from VTU only but the matter is chances however they can complete easily their engineering by writing three times paper each semester and they are going fast forward as well question paper also from their colleges only but we have problem that how can below average students can clear in only in one chance because all fingers are not equal and even there will be critical year back system which we can't keep even one subject back so we CBCS students need supplimentary exams not for per semester but for one chance for per year so we can complete our education quickly so many students can breathe easily and stop suiciding and quitting engineering.So respected incharges of vtu please respond us and take decision in favour of students everything is possible. there will be time in september that time you can conduct and give us we are demanding supplimentary exams. take action immidietly this year only otherwise we are ready to fight against university.