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VTU UNIVERSITY should remove year back system and implement semester back system as year back system is causing alot of issues from past many years and this system is ruining thousands of lives and students are suffering alot.

The current year back system is as follows

  1. A student with more than 4 back subjects will get year back while entering the next year and has to loose a total of one year
  2. A student entering to 3rd year should not have any back paper from 1st year ,should not have any backs from 2nd year while entering to 4th year.if so then the students will get year back.

Now to be clear combining both the points above it becomes  highly difficult for a average student to pass and have a normal degree without year back.

Problems of students with this year back system:

  1. A student with 5 back paper has to waste one whole year just for one more subject.
  2. University should know about students point of view that not every body is equally talented in all the subjects as if a student is unable to clear only a single paper from 1st year cant go to 3rd year or a student unable to clear just a single paper from 2nd year cant get admitted to 4th year just for a single paper and has to waste one year.
  3. Some students are getting year back for just 5 to 10 marks i.e wasting a total of one year just for some couple of marks.
  4. Some colleges have teachers with no or zero values which is suffered  by students and later in internal students score less marks which increases the average marks of passing in external as well it becomes difficult to students to score passing marks in external due to such teachers.
  5. Students getting year backs are to attend a different question pattern and has to study under different scheme as university is continuously changing the schemes from year to year.
  6. Fearing year back many students have ended their lives by suiciding.

Problems suffered by students For VTU negligence :

University is totally unaware about this that how a student is being tortured and suffered internally.To be clear VTU has been totally neglecting from every prospective from student side.

  1. University was bankrupted last year i.e 2015 as income tax raided university ,to recover the money they increased exam and rest other fees by double.
  2. University used to change the exam time table many a times which effects the students those who are from out of state or out of country as they use to make their travel ticket later they have to cancel it and have to go under heavy loss.
  3. The valuation of university can be only considered as a profit basis income, as students attending full marks are getting failed later students used to apply for revaluation and are being passed,as university is gaining profit by collecting revaluation fees knowingly.
  4. Some time it is being seen that university even doesnt evaluates the paper and declare the results only to gain profit by revaluation form.
  5. University declared digital valuation to ensure quick result declaration though we can see it is being as slow as the old evaluation system.

What should be the solution to it ?

As of other university in India

  • VTU should remove year back system and implement semester back system which can help many students and which can save one year of a student by just minimizing to 6 months for which university should conduct both odd and even by parallel classes.
  • University should stop doing business and should properly evaluate and reevaluate papers.
  • University should have a special department to  check the lectures and teachers experience those who can deliver knowledge to students so that students shouldn't suffer in the subjects.

Benifits of Semester Back system:

  • A student wont be wasting his/her crucial time by wasting one year rather can manage with 6 months.
  • Students getting year back use to loose interest in studies as a gap of one year which makes the brain dull for one semester back wont affect that much
  • University wont face any issues as it it facing from past many years.
  • University no need to implement different schemes frequently.
  • Most important is wasting a year can be saved.

For this year students of 2015 and 2014 batch should get parallel classes or they should be enrolled to semester back system due to university negligence as 

  • Results were declared late at night 2 o clock and students were to attend the same subject morning 9 o clock .this never happens in any university.
  • Irregularities in paper evaluation and even in revaluation this year.

Sign the petition and share to maximum and change the year back system of vtu for all the schemes and for the future students those who are getting admitted to vtu in the upcoming years as well as for the justice for 2015 and 2014 batch students.




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