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Visvesvaraya Technological Institute (VTU) Playing with engineer's lives?

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So where do I start from, After writing my entrance exams, i got into an engineering college which is affiliated to VTU, Belgavi. I didn't know what exactly it is and how does the system work. After a whole year or more, the true nature of VTU surfaced. 

I strongly say it's a failed system of education. Which University takes 4 months to give you your result? Oh no, that's just the starters. They even lost our Internal Assessment marks during this waiting period. Bravo VTU. So we had to resend all of our marks again. Next month is supposed to be our end-sem examination when our previous semester examination results haven't yet been announced. 

Their syllabus is outdated. A multinational corporation had said, "we will not be hiring engineers from VTU as their knowledge on the current world is next to zero" he also said our syllabus is very much outdated. They haven't revised the portions in years.

Oh and the examination dates, they are more uncertain than rains here in India. They will release more than 3 revised time tables in a due course of a month or less. We have no clue what's going on over there and I'm pretty sure they don't have a clue either. Nothing is organised, even though the University is 19 years old now. 

When they mess up by rescheduling they take away our holidays. Is this fair? After we put up with their nonsense we need to sacrifice everything to get zero returns? Until the previous year VTU has been a corrupted University, with cases of receiving bribes from colleges to postpone the examination in order to complete their syllabus. Really? 

What have the students done to VTU that we deserve this. If I knew this was the case of VTU, i would never have entered it. This is the pain and agony of every VTU student not just one or two. How much longer can we take in all this? How much longer do you think we can last? 


I hope this is taken into consideration and I hope it reaches to the authorities responsible for all of our problems. I need everyone's support for this change. This has to be done. I'm sorry but it's very frustrating to witness all of this. It's just not right. I hope every VTU student helps share this petition. 

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