VPL Must Cancel Megan Murphey

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On March 21st, 2020, the Vancouver Public Library (VPL) will host well-known trans/sex-worker exclusionary radical "feminist" (TERF/SWERF), Megan Murphey, as she continues to loudly preach hate and violent rhetoric against the trans community, locally and internationally. By allowing this rental to occur, the VPL board has made it clear, once again, that they do not care about trans people and sex workers. Please sign and share this petition to help shut down the event and protect our communities.


In the past year, so-called Vancouver has experienced an onslaught of anti-trans hate activity that has been bolstered particularly by public institutions. Various speaking engagements and rallies have demonstrated a growing solidarity among anti-trans bigots, Christian fundamentalists, Neo-Nazis, white nationalists, Men's Rights Activists, incels, and conspiracy theorists.

In January 2019, VPL went through with hosting a different transphobic event also featuring Murphey, leading to a revised room booking policy in response to community backlash. The VPL's new policy is clearly inadequate, as it still allows fascists like Murphey promoting hatred to rent in spaces funded by the public.

We are asking for community support to call on the Chief Librarian, VPL Board, Mayor Kennedy Stewart, and Vancouver City Council to recognize this event as part of a larger series of actions that incite hate and violence toward targeted groups protected under law and must be cancelled.

Note: CATA has many tools in their community organizing toolkits and a petition is one of many. There are many reasons we deployed a petition.

We want to give as little online traction to Meegan Moophy as possible. We purposefully do not spell their name correctly, we use web.archive.org when we have to link to fascist websites, and we use donotlink.it when we have no other choice. We invite folks to join us in these efforts!

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Write A Letter & Make A Phone Call!

Please consider calling and writing to the Chief Librarian, Mayor of Vancouver, and Vancouver City Councillors to voice your concerns. Each letter is recorded and matters.

VPL Chief Librarian's Contact Page: https://www.vpl.ca/person/christina-de-castell

Christina de Castell
Chief Librarian
christina.decastell@vpl.ca 604.331.4003

Chrysalyn Tolentino, Executive Assistant


Mayor of Vancouver's Contact Page: https://vancouver.ca/your-government/contact-the-mayor.aspx

Kennedy Stewart


Vancouver City Councillor's Contact Page: https://vancouver.ca/your-government/city-councillors.aspx

Christina Boyle
Phone: 604-873-7242 / E mail: CLRboyle@vancouver.ca

Rebecca Bligh
Phone: 604-873-7249 / Email: CLRbligh@vancouver.ca

Adrienne Carr
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Melissa DeGenova
Phone: 604-873-7244 / Email: CLRdegenova@vancouver.ca

Michael Wiebe
Phone: 604-873-7241 + Executive assistant Jillian Kuzyk 604-871-6711 Email: CLRwiebe@vancouver.ca

Colleen Hardwick
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